Sick Vick Just Tip Of The Bloodberg

I think Michael Vick is a sick, disgusting, pathetic piece of human trash.

He has a lot of company, according to a Reuters piece, no byline, in today’s Globe. The story notes that up to 40,000 people in the United States participate in dogfighting sadism, and a quarter million dogs are forced to take part.

From the story:

Those who participate either as breeders…, gamblers or spectators do not believe they are psychopaths or sadists who hate animals.

Instead, they say they love their dogs but want to satisfy a competitive urge in themselves to prove which of two dogs will prove the tougher in combat.

Let me add to sick, disgusting, pathetic piece of human trash an additional qualifier. These people are gutless cowards. You got a competitive urge? Then get your ugly ass in the ring and fight a human who has a choice about what he’s doing.

And please don’t come back with the line that the dogs love fighting, that it’s in their blood. That’s what you frigging morons always say when you abuse animals. And it’s crap. It’s how you excuse your sick sadism and justify your moral and physical cowardice.

If you treat dogs this way, and say it’s about love, then you sure as hell must crap all over the people who you say you love.

You pieces of shit wouldn’t know love if it ran up and ripped your throat out.


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