Romney Flack Flacks Massachusetts Health Care Plan. Real OrwellSpeak Spoken Here.

In the Letters section of the Editorial page of the Globe today, Timothy Murphy, identified as the state secretary of health and human services in the Romney governorship, does George Orwell proud.

…the Globe dismisses the individual choices and free-market principles at the heart of the …healthcare law. Under the plan…state citizens are empowered to enter the private market and obtain their own health insurance. Personal responsibility is the defining principle.

Wow, Murph, did you forget that the Romney law forces people to buy insurance? Did you also forget to notice that the citizens could have gotten private health insurance any time we wanted? Except for the simple fact that most of us can’t afford a decent policy. And the most sensible of us don’t want health insurance – we want decent health care.

Forcing people to pay money for private insurance isn’t empowerment. It’s tyranny. But you Republicans are good at Orwellizing things.

And let’s not forget that the plans offered carry high deductibles. Citizens can easily spend several thousand dollars on premiums and get not one penny of support from the private insurance company until said citizen has spent another couple of thousand out of pocket. Gee, I feel so empowered to have Republican politicians sticking their hands in my pocket to pay the insurance companies that keep the pols in office. And let’s not forget the Democrats who went along with this travesty.

Here’s some more bullcrap from the Murph:

While some have painted these [reforms] as government intrusions into the market, they are actually government’s way of facilitating individual empowerment.

Who wrote this nonsense? Had to be some clown from Romney’s staff. Either that or the Murph is as big a fantasist as Romney.

And there’s this:

In a big government-run plan, those with lower-incomes would be forced to enroll in a government-designed one-size-fits-all insurance program.

Yeah. Listen, Murph, I hate to break it to you, but the Romney plan is a big government run program, but it’s a typical Republican half-assed program that feeds money to private companies instead of putting the money into programs that would actually deal with the problem.

And as for one size fits all, sick is sick. When you’re sick you want health care. Period. Size doesn’t matter. You don’t want to be wading through an insurance bureaucracy designed to deny you the coverage you paid for.

And this final arrogant little bit:

What we have done in Massachusetts is unleash the power of competition, not by putting government in the healthcare business, but by empowering individuals.

Or, in English:

What we have done is forced our failed ideological principles on the citizens of the state and forced them to waste money paying corporations for a service the corporations will fight against providing.

And back in the middle of the letter, Murph notes:

Romney as governor redirected nearly $1.3 billion spent reimbursing hospitals for providing free care to instead help individuals purchase health insurance that meets their needs.

Uh huh. You ripped away from hospitals over a billion dollars used to provide care to people who can’t afford healthcare, and you handed it to insurance companies who will pocket a healthy percentage of it in order to provide less service and less care to people who need it most.

Good show, Murph. Another pathetic Republican mind pulls the wool over anybody stupid enough to listen to him.


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