Karen Hughes Screws With The Muslims Again To Make The World Safe For Baseball And Boss Bush

Karen Hughes, Bush adviser and ‘public diplomacy czar’, who knows less about the Middle East, Islam, and South Asia than even her boss, has a new program to win hearts and minds over there, according to a story by Globe writer Farah Stockman today.

She’s going to send kids under 14 to basketball camp.

And she’s going to teach them Republican lies about Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers on camping trips.

Why just this summer in Baghdad forty-one kids spent three days learning about baseball and the English language.

I wonder if the kids asked their American trainers when they might get some electricity and fresh drinking water.

“By the time kids get to high school, their impressions are already pretty well shaped,” Hughes said in an interview Monday. She said she began to plan the initiative last year when she realized that the US government’s programs for young people “weren’t reaching down really young enough.”

I don’t know about that. We’ve killed a lot of kids under fourteen in Iraq. Maybe half a million of them under sanctions before we started shooting and bombing them in 2003.

I think an eight year old kid is going to remember the American soldiers killing his brother or his sister or his mother or his father or his dog or his cousin before he remembers the bullcrap a Republican loyalist feeds him about how great America is. I think when the kid gets old enough he’ll quite happily slit the throat of any American he finds in his devastated country.

And there’s nothing Karen Hughes or her pathetic boss can do about that.

As if to emphasize the utter fatuousness of Hughes, the Globe runs a story just under the Hughes story about how police departments can’t train properly because there’s a shortage of bullets.

That’s because American troops are popping off a billion bullets a year for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yeah, Karen, teach ’em baseball. It’s a great lesson in American hypocrisy all by itself. And they can play while they dodge bullets and bombs made in the good ol’ USA.

But Karen, you might not want to walk around over there without a bunch of troops and gunships protecting you. Some of those kids are pretty pissed off. Their folks, too. In fact, Karen, maybe we’d all be better off if you took your arrogant butt back to Texas and parked it there. Take your boss with you, would you? Before he kills any more people he has no clue about.


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  1. You have said it beautifully. Are these people who rise to the top so stupid that they can’t see the simple truth?


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