Romney The Reformer? Please God, Not Another Lying Republican Reformer…

Lisa Wangsness writes in the Globe today that the Mitten is casting himself as “the ‘change’ candidate, promising voters that he’s the one who would being conservative reform to Washington.”

Sound familiar?

That’s what the current crazy occupant of the White House promised seven years ago. And he certainly did bring change. I doubt any president has done more to change and destroy the United States than George W. Bush.

And now another phony, lying, hypocritical, ignorant, wealthy snotnose wants to do it to us again.

Romney has supported Bush down the line, including everything in Iraq, a subject about which he is woefully ignorant. Part of the Mitten’s stump speech thanks Bush for ‘keeping us safe’.

Apparently the Mitten missed the memo about our military being just about broken; about terrorist attacks vastly increased since Bush’s illegal and idiotic  invasion of Iraq; about bridges falling down and mines collapsing; about global warming. Wow, I feel safer already knowing the Mitten would do or say anything to get into the White House. The man’s an empty sock puppet, and his puppeteer is out on a prolonged coffee break.

The Mitten says the country is going to change. Yeah, we can only hope, baby, we can only hope. But the Mitten’s prescription:

The choice, he said, is whether the country will meet those challenges by taking “a sharp turn to the left” and embracing Democrats – or by returning to the Reagan ideology of individual responsibility, small government and low taxes. Romney promises change on federal spending, immigration, healthcare, and other issues.

Right. Drag out the moldy corpse of that other phony who screwed the country over with Republican values of screw the worker, raise up the wealthy, piss on the children, and kill pissant peasants in weak countries to prove how macho we are.

And to call turning to the Democrats a turn to the left shows just how ignorant the Mitten is of what the Democrats have become. They have definitely not become the Left. They sit there in Congress with their balls in their hands, asking themselves “Gee, what do we do with these?”

His strategists and supporters point to his tenure with the Olympics in Utah and with Bain Capital as proof of his competence to run the government. More likely his experience has done nothing but give him a narrow view of the world, a view that thinks profits and bottom lines are the only important things.

Let’s remember that the Mitten vowed in 2002 to ‘clean up the mess on Beacon Hill’ when he ran for governor. Yeah, good job, Mitten. A billion dollar tunnel collapsed and killed a woman because you weren’t paying attention. You pushed through a so-called ‘healthcare’ plan that turns out to be unaffordable for the people who need it most – old people, sick people. Not that you would associate with old, sick people, or people who work for a living, or people who have to fight the dirty, ugly wars Republicans foist on this country because Republicans are so utterly incompetent and so completely proud of the their ignorance and incompetence. Good job, Mitt.

The story closes with this graf:

Last evening in Londonderry, one voter said he was disappointed with the Bush administration and wanted a president who could fix the partisan gridlock in Washington. It is too early to tell whether Romney fits the fill, said [the voter], a retired Methodist pastor, but “He exudes confidence. And we need confidence in our leaders.”

Far be it from me to point out that George W. Bush exudes confidence from every pore. And hundreds of thousands of people are dead, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, even in America, because that little piece of crap is so confident. And given his confidence over Iran, the blood has just barely begun to flow, while at home he craps on ordinary Americans and they just take it.

With voters as stupid as that pastor running around loose, and with the phony, ignorant, arrogant, incompetent Mitten Romney considered a leading candidate, we can pretty much be assured that the United States, as a free democracy, as a rational representative republic, is  circling the drain.


2 Responses

  1. At least he passed health care reform. Hillary failed at that terribly.


  2. His health care ‘reform’ is a bad joke. Try some reading about it. You can start in today’s Globe:

    Older residents feel insurance law pinch – The Boston Globe

    And to say Hilary failed at it is to deny the powerful forces of the insurance lobbies and the knee-jerk reactions of Republicans who think that anything that helps people is a Communist plot.

    But let’s be fair. The morons in the Massachusetts legislature went along with this nonsense.


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