More News Distortions, From the AP

Steven R. Hurst of the AP wrote a sixteen paragraph piece today on Iraq. The headline in the Globe reads “Iraqi leaders form new power bloc after 3 days of crisis talks”.

The first paragraph:

Iraq’s political leaders emerged yesterday from three days of crisis talks with a new alliance that seeks to save the crumbling US-backed government. But the reshaped power bloc included no Sunnis and immediately raised questions about its legitimacy as a unifying force.

The following fifteen paragraphs are devoted entirely to the rescue efforts in the town where several hundred people were killed the other day by suicide bombs.

I think that fact that the Iraqi leadership has again failed to comprehend the importance of creating a unifying government is a lot more important than what happened in that town.

Multiple bombings kill people there everyday. It’s a fact of life and will remain so as long as the U.S. occupies Iraq. We can feel sympathy, sorrow even on some level, and anger.

But what the Bushites have stressed as a matter of real importance is that the Iraqis create an inclusive government. That’s always been huge. And once more they failed, with apparent deliberation , to do so.

But it rates only a misleading headline and one paragraph of text out of sixteen. Sort of burying the important information by leading with it. Interesting technique.

While it is entirely possible that the editors mixed up the text of a couple of stories, in this day and age, under this government,  it’s smarter to assume that they’re screwing with us again.


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