Henry And Jenna: Marrying To Distract?

I suspect I won’t be too far out of line to suggest that the media will from this day forth provide us with all sorts of nonsense, night and day, about Henry Hager and Jenna Bush getting married.

We will undoubtedly be bombarded by all the nonsense that goes along with preparing for a wedding, and all the stupid gossip that the media can dig up.

And Bush and pals will be loving it, because they know that Americans are just stupid enough to eat up  all the celebrity trash about the Bush daughter and forget just how bad a president George Bush has been and continues to be.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball, folks, rather than figuring out whether the royal couple have balled and how many times and is the broad pregnant.

Let’s keep our eye on the blood and bodies in Iraq; on the bodies under the bridge in Minnesota; on the bodies in the Crandall Canyon mine being overseen by Bush loyalists; on the insane tactics Bush is pursuing towards Iran; on the failure of healthcare in the United States; on the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted by Bush in his megalomaniacal pursuit of war and the destruction of American democracy; and the destruction of the rule of law by Bush’s little whore, Alberto Gonzales, in the Justice Department.

And let’s ask why Henry Hager, a healthy young man of 29, an avid Republican, a supporter of  the war, is not in uniform getting his ass shot in Iraq instead of getting his rocks off in the President’s daughter.

Yes, let’s do ask that question. You can bet the media won’t do it. Not in America.


3 Responses

  1. Bread and Circuses. As long as politicians can keep most of the people fed, clothed, housed, reasonably comfortable and entertained by some mindless nonsense(Paris Hilton) the people will not care what the government does. I have a roof over my head, a full belly and I can keep up with all the Hollywood gossip. I’m fat. dumb and happy, don’t ask me to think.


  2. Why isn’t Hager in Iraq? Probably for the same reason the Mormon church obtained a draft deferral for Mitt Romney.


  3. Okay, no thinking. But maybe you could not mix up periods and commas…


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