Petraeus Delusional, Proving Bush Has Contagious Mental Illness

The latest Bushian Hero, General David Petraeus, soon to be a general scapegoat, has caught the mental disease causing Bush’s delusions.

In today’s Globe Steven R. Hurst writes:

…Petraeus cautioned against a quick or significant US withdrawal that could surrender “the gains we have fought so hard to achieve.”

Do those ‘gains’ include the five hundred dead Iraqis in northwestern Iraq yesterday?

And what gains precisely is he talking about? US troops have quieted a few acres in Baghdad while Iraqi fighters have simply moved elsewhere and continued blowing holes in people and Bush’s rosy scenarios.

You can’t have gains if you aren’t going to stay there forever, because the minute you do the smart thing and get the hell out of the way of what the Iraqis want, the Iraqis will flow right back in and do what they want. So, gains?

And here’s a humorous comment from the General:

The general, who wrote the Army’s book on counterinsurgency, said he and his staff were “trying to do the battlefield geometry right now” as he prepared his troop-level recommendations.

Here’s the geometry, General. Your boss followed a straight line right into a point in Hell when he invaded Iraq.

And if you don’t include in your precious geometry the fact that most of the Iraqis want your ass angled right the hell out of their country, then your geometry is going to turn in a mess of chaotic quantum foam.

He goes on to talk about having a smaller ‘footprint’ by next year, and then:

“We have made some progress but again there’s still a lot of hard work to be done against the different extremist elements that do threaten the new Iraq.”

The new Iraq?

You mean the old Iraq minus the hundreds of thousands of dead people for which the United States is responsible? The old Iraq minus the electricity and the fresh water that the United States is responsible for destroying? The old Iraq minus the two million professionals and others who have fled the violence for which the United States is responsible?

That Iraq is your ‘new Iraq’?

And the extremist elements, General? You haven’t shown you can tell one Iraqi from another, much less who is an extremist or what any of them are fighting for.

And the General is just oh-so-pleased with himself for arming Sunnis, formerly anti-US fighters, to fight so-called al Qaeda.

“You have to pinch yourself a little to make sure that is real because that is a very significant development in this kind of operation in counterinsurgency.”

Pinch, pinch, pinch. Oooooooo!

Naturally it’s only a matter of time before those folks will turn those shiny new US weapons on US troops again, because to them, the United States is only somewhat less bad for Iraq than al Qaeda.

Bang, bang, bang. Oooooh crap, I’m shot!

And if Bush carries out his wet dream of attacking Iran, or any element of Iran, the General can expect to have one of those guns shoved up his butt and the trigger pulled by an all-too-willing Iraqi real soon thereafter.

It’s not geometry, General. It’s more like a mess of pick-up sticks over there, and your fumble-fingered, drug-addled, mental nutcase of a boss is the one screwing with the sticks.

You’re living the delusion, General. Enjoy it while you can.


6 Responses

  1. Battlefield geometry??? This phrase is Orwell’s “New Speak”. Big Brother would be so proud. It is very politically correct. What has happened to English?

    What he means is if you want me to control this many square miles I will need to produce x amount of damage and death in said area.

    I hoped we had learned a lesson in Vietnam. I was wrong in my hopes. The United States seems to elect a new crop of warmongers every twenty – thirty years.


  2. Have you guys heard the latest on Patraeus? You know that report of “his” that he will give to Congress on Sept. 15th? You think he’s going to give his OWN report? Uhhhh… no. Apparently the WHITE HOUSE will write his report and he will deliver it to Congress! What the hell is THAT? So, apparently, W will submit his own report and then decide if the report from Patraeus indicates the surge has been a success and if we should continue! This gives new meaning to “circular logic”.


  3. An interesting twist on the Petraeus report is that the General will testify in Congress before the report is released, ensuring that he can’t testify on the contents of the report itself.

    So here’s my question. Does Petraeus have any honesty and integrity in him? Will he put his career on the line and tell the truth? And if he does tell the truth, who is going to believe him? After all, he just another tool of the administration, isn’t he?

    That no one in government has any credibility demonstrates the profound depth of poison Bush and his cronies have poured into the well of government.


  4. Vietnam? Guys, the VFW and the American Legion just came out in support of Bush’s policies in Iraq. Part of their rationale is that we didn’t lose in Vietnam but that the politicians betrayed the troops.

    Apparently those two organizations got hit in the head too many times and drank too much Agent Orange, because they’ve chosen to live in the same bubble of delusion as Bush.


  5. Well, come on… those two organizations have always been right there with the most conservative thought in the country. Whatever vets from Viet Nam that DID join the VFW and AL are guys that Agent Orange drinkers! There are Viet Nam war groups that have a different take.


  6. Yeah, but the story I read yesterday said they were making it official. Took a vote or something. Now the Bushites can claim the veterans are fully supporting them.

    I was unit historian with the VVAW in Providence for a while back in the day, so I know about vets with a different take. Damn near got run over by what was probably a VFWer or ALer when we marched from Lexington Green into Boston. Got arrested at Lexington Green. Town fathers didn’t want a bunch of vets messing up their green. Good times. Or not.


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