Beach Volleyball. Oh Me Oh My!

I wonder how successful women’s professional beach volleyball would be if the women actually had to wear clothes that didn’t reveal every pore on their bodies.

Hell, the ball has better coverage than the broads!


5 Responses

  1. It wouldn’t be successful to me. When I was 23 years old I decided I would be a “dirty old man” when I reached 55 years of age. I’m 57 now and have achieved my goal. Death to the inventor of the sports bra.

    This one is just for fun.


  2. I’m with Ralph on this one. Although due to my daughter and niece and endless trips to club volleyball tourneys, high school games and now college, I would have some slight interest anyway. But very slight. I actually like volleyball a lot, but regular wood court with six man or woman teams.


  3. What’s next? Nude ping-pong? Naked pool?


  4. One could hope!


  5. Well, there is that movie coming out – Balls of Fury. Don’t know if they’re pinging nude though…


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