Karl Rove: Not The Hague…

Just a brief follow-up on yesterday’s Rove post.

It may not have occurred to Rove that he could end up in prison if he stayed for the coming Iran fiasco.

But given that he’s on the outs with Republicans, he and the Bush person may have decided he would be more useful back in Texas.

Relieved of White House duties, he’d be free to plan the savaging of Hilary Clinton.

And his remark that she is ‘fatally flawed’? That’s the beginning of it. Her organization is probably right now driving themselves nuts trying to figure out what he meant and how he planned to use it against her.

I do hope the Dems learned their lesson in 2004. When these pathological liars strike, the Dems have to hit back ten times as hard and do it immediately. Drag them into the light where they’ll shrivel and die.

Rove is the one with the real flaw. He’s only got one weapon. Play dirty and lie.  Oh, wait, he has another. Treat supporters like a bunch of robots he can program with the push of a button.

Whatever he does, he’s earned that prison cell.


One Response

  1. Powerful people don’t go to prison. The life imprisonment is very much justified for Bush Dick Rice Powell Rumsfeld Wolfowitz Rove and all the Congressmen and Senators who voted in favor of Iraq war. This would be the real justice but prison is for poor and weak.


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