Karl Rove Reads The Writing On The Wall At The Hague

Karl Rove is quitting.

He wants to spend time with his family.

Yeah, sure.

When one of the ugliest, most virulent political minds ever to gain power in American politics excuses himself to spend time with his family, a person might feel compelled to call his wife and kid and tell them to run and hide.

What’s really going on?

Rove isn’t stupid. Nasty. Ugly. Power hungry. Sociopathic. But not stupid. He’s big into self-preservation and self-aggrandizement. He’s considered a political genius.

But he blew the 2006 Congressional elections. Either he completely misread the data, or he read it accurately and lied about it to his Republican constituency.

He became considerably less visible after that, aside from that nauseating little dance with David Gregory at the correspondent’s dinner. Supposedly he started talking about getting out a year ago. Today’s cover story is that Chief of Staff Josh Bolten told all staffers that if they wanted out they should leave before Labor Day or be prepared to stay the course to the end of Bush’s term. Hence the “I wanna be with my family” whine.

I think there’s another possibility. I think little Karlie has read the writing on the wall that is Iran in what passes for thinking in the brain of his Frankenstein monster, George W. Bush.

Bush’s recent rebukes to Nouri al Maliki of Iraq and Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan are good evidence that Bush is completely out of touch with reality. Karzai and Maliki both have said recently that Iran is not a threat, that the Iranians have been helpful and so on.

Karzai and Maliki know the territory, know the people, know the politics, and their lives literally depend on getting it right.

And Bush? He treats them like children, tells them they’re wrong and that he’s right. Bush is a political hack from Texas, a drug-addled drunkard, a megalomaniac, and not real bright. He ran and hid on 9/11. At heart he’s a coward through and through – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Frankenstein’s monster was smarter and braver.

But Bush knows exactly what’s going on in the Middle East?

Only in his delusions.

Bush is determined to attack Iran, no matter what anyone tells him. I think that’s clear. And Karl Rove knows it.

And little Karlie knows that what waits after that hell plays out is a criminal trial for crimes against humanity, for war crimes, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Rove doesn’t want to find himself in the dock facing a little prison cell for the rest of his life. Not when he can spend that time twisting the minds of his family in Texas.

I think that’s why he’s getting out. The ship is going down the whirlpool to Hell. The smart rats are leaving before Iran hits the fan.


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