"We run a very safe coal mine…"

According to Paul Foy’s AP article on the Crandall Canyon mine collapse, government inspectors have issued 325 citations against the mine since January 2004.

Of those, 116 were what the government considered “significant and substantial,” meaning they are likely to cause injury.

This year, of 32 citations, 14 are considered significant.

The mine has been fined $152,000, and paid $130,678.

Let’s see, per dead or missing miner that works out to…

Robert E. Murray, chairman of Murray Energy Corporation of Cleveland, which is part owner of the mine, said no expense would be spared to save the trapped miners.

Strikes me that 116 cases of ‘significant and substantial’ violations says that you spared a lot of expense by not running a safe mine. Apparently it’s cheaper to pay fines than to protect miners.

Murray contends “I believe we run a very safe coal mine. We’ve had an excellent record.”

Perhaps he’s hoping nobody looks at the record of violations.

Of course since the Bushites took over the government and started handing regulatory control to the regulatees, there’s a lot more dead miners and other industrial workers. One thing you can always count on – Republicans will always side with the corporate thieves and killers and will shaft the workers (no cheapshot mining pun intended).

Bush’s record of pretty much allowing corporations to regulate themselves does give the lie to the Ron Paul cultists who want the corporations to regulate themselves and who want government to stay out. Well, my little Paulites, there you go. We’ve had six years of that nonsense. Not, of course, as full-blown as you’d like it, but enough’s enough.

I know, I know, we can’t fool you by making you look at evidence when you’ve got all that shiny ideology floating around. With you guys in charge we’d still be popping Vioxx, breathing asbestos,  drinking coliform, and feeding lead to the kids. I think you guys should head on out to Crandall Canyon and start digging for dead miners. Oh, and on the way, check out the wasteland that the coal companies have created in West Virginia since regulations on techniques like mountain-topping were eased. Might give you a realistic perspective.


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