State Department Has Its Head Up A Very Dark Place

Sameer N. Yacoub writes for the AP today about the crumbling Iraqi government. Five more ministers have announced they will boycott Cabinet meetings.

The story tells also of more suicide bombers, more murders, more civil and religious strife.

And then he notes that State Department spokesman Sean McCormack says that the “United States was working well with the Maliki government.”

“There’s a very healthy political debate that is going on in Iraq, and that is good,” McCormack said. “It’s going to be for them [the Iraqi people] to make the judgments about whether or not that government is performing.”

Define ‘debate’, Sean.

Sunni politicians are dropping out left and right. The government’s gone on vacation. Maliki doesn’t govern much of anything outside the Green Zone, and even that is questionable.

The people are too busy trying to stay alive to give a damn about government, which, I suspect, most of them think is little more than an American sock puppet, one which will get its ass kicked by ‘the people’ when the Americans leave.

So where’s the healthy debate, Sean? Do you even have a clue? Or are you too busy listening to Willie Kristol spin his hallucinatory fantasies?

Oh, yeah, one more thing, Sean. Yesterday’s death toll was 81, including 19 children. And that doesn’t include the five American soldiers who died for your little fantasy debate.


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