At Long Last The FDA Might Get To Regulate A Drug – If The Republicans Let Them

The Food and Drug Administration, which, according to unconfirmed rumors, regulates medical drugs and other ingestibles in the United States, may actually get to regulate tobacco products.

According to a story in the Globe today by Diedtra Henderson the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee endorsed a bill to give the FDA broad authority over tobacco products. The vote was 13 – 8.

I’m guessing the 8 were Republicans.

The legislation…languished during Republican-majority rule of the US House and Senate, unable to get time on a committee calendar and thwarted when passed from the floor.

What’s at stake here?

  • Ending tobacco ads aimed at children
  • Blocking the sale of candy-flavored cigarettes to children
  • Putting a dent in the 20% of American deaths annually caused by tobacco use – that’s 440,000 people every year
  • Reducing the $167 billion annual healthcare cost of tobacco use

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina tried, unsuccessfully, to bury the bill in amendments, and will try to stall the bill when it hits the Senate floor.

(Burr) also chastised the excise tax increase as a mechanism to fund children’s healthcare and expand FDA staffing sufficiently to regulate tobacco.

“The honey pot right now is tobacco excise taxes. The fact is, they’ll find – if they implement those – that there will be a reduction in tobacco usage,” Burr said in a recent interview. He said the move would imperil state budgets that rely on tobacco taxes to ease shortfalls.

Republican values:

  • Children’s healthcare is wrong, wrong, wrong.
  • Regulating a product that kills nearly half a million people a year is wrong, wrong, wrong.
  • Government should pay for itself by taxing a product that costs $167 billion a year in healthcare.

Two core Republican values therefore are:

  1. Killing people
  2. Profiting financially from killing people

And the fundamental Republican value is, of course, say it with me now – Money is the root of all Republican values.

One Response

  1. Ron Paul wants to do away with the FDA. I guess there’s nothing to worry about from imported food or anything.

    That should get you some hits! Ron Paul!


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