Khalilzad: The Saudis Are Our Sweetest, Dearest Friends

Zalmay Khalilzad, currently United States Ambassador to the United Nations, formerly another American ideological functionary, reputed to have been an Ambassador, in Iraq, Sunday criticized the Saudis for undermining the U.S. effort in Iraq.

Today he sought to take it back, calling the Saudis a “great ally” and friend of the U.S.


Fifteen of the 9/11 killers were Saudi.

Forty percent of the foreign fighters in Iraq are Saudi.

The Saudi government is one of the most repressive in the Middle East.

But little Zalmay mustn’t say anything about any of that, else he disturb the long standing business arrangements the Bush ruling family maintains with the Saudi ruling family.

Perhaps the Bush family would like to be extraordinarily renditioned to the Saudis. You know, dark of night, blindfolds, torture, just the things one friend does for another.

Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. Bush insists the United States doesn’t torture.

We just let our dearest friends do it for us when they’re not busy helping Bush and friends bring down the United States.

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