George Bush and Gordon Brown: Different Species, Different Planets

One would like to think that Gordon Brown is more grounded in reality and reason than his predecessor, the unlamented Bush poodle Tony Blair.

And one would already know that George Bush’s only connection to reality occurs when he goes to the bathroom, and even that is tenuous at best.

The two got together yesterday for some reason. Here’s how it went, according to Ben Feller of the AP.

Bush described terrorism as an ideological struggle of good against evil.

Brown said, “Terrorism is not a cause; it is a crime. It is a crime against humanity.”

Bush said he listened carefully to Brown’s thinking and was reassured. “He gets it,” Bush said.

“What’s interesting about this struggle … is that he understand [sic] it’s an ideological struggle, and he does,” Bush said.

George apparently wasn’t in the same country as Brown, likely not even on the same planet.

Brown also called Afghanistan the front line against terrorism. Bush of course has convinced himself it’s Iraq. Apparently neither of them thinks terrorism is used in Indonesia, the Philippines, Asia, South America, the United States (oh, you forgot Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph?), England, Europe, yada yada yada.

Yeah, okay guys, get it yet? There is no front line. Armies don’t stop terrorism. Armies create terrorists.

To which the Bushbaby says:

“This is going to take a long time in Iraq, just like the ideological struggle is going to take a long time.”

No, George, it’s not an ideological struggle. It’s a religious war. It’s a race war. It’s an oil war.

I’d bet Gordon Brown went home muttering to himself, “That man is daft. He should be locked up.”

At least he’d be sure he was right on that.


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