Bush Vows To Kill American Children

For context, remember the remark, widely reported elsewhere, that Bush made recently when talking about his planned veto of a federal children’s health care plan:

“People have access to health care in America,” he told an audience in Cleveland. “After all, you just go to an emergency room.”

Obviously this is another example of Bush living in his tiny world of delusions and deliberate ignorance. He has no clue about the real world. None.

But the saga continues.

Keep in mind that, according to an article in USA Today by Julie Appleby, the average cost for a family health insurance policy topped $10,000 for the first time this year.

Democrats in Congress and a few sane Republicans are trying to increase the funding of the SCHIP program that provides health care for uninsured children of the working poor and lower middle class.

The Senate’s plan provides $35 billion over five years, the House $50 billion over five years.

John Donnelly writes in the Globe today that:

Bush, however has vowed to veto either plan, saying that the new coverage would encourage people to leave their private insurers for a government-run program.

No, George, they are not leaving private insurers. They can’t afford private insurance. Fewer and fewer families can afford private insurance, but George wouldn’t actually admit that because the insurance companies, among other corporate thieveries, keep him and his cronies afloat in politics.

Bush of course gets support from the rabid right wing Republicans in this sort of willfully ignorant and blindly ideological thinking. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Jr, a man who positively slobbers the wingnut virus, said:

“It will significantly increase taxes. . . and lead to a government-run health insurance.”

Well, no, the increase won’t be significant. A couple of months of the money wasted in Iraq would take care of it, if you would care to give up that miserably misbegotten adventure, Mitch. And we have government-run health insurance already, Mitch. It’s called MediCare, and it’s doing a good job, Mitch, and would be doing a better job if you maddog Republicans would keep your hands off and stop treating it as a cash cow for the drug companies that pump money into rabid Republican campaigns.

Just how disconnected and delusional the Republicans are comes clear in remarks by Elizabeth Dole, Republican Senator from North Carolina:

Senator Dole. . . called the legislation “not only the right policy, but it’s the right thing to do.” Nevertheless, she said the cigarette tax increase to pay for it was all wrong, predicting that her home-state tobacco industry “may collapse altogether” if the Senate passes the bill.

As an ex-smoker, let me ask why that would be a bad thing, Libby. Tobacco kills over 400,000 people a year in this country alone, and costs tens and tens of billions of dollars in health care. I think Libby’s logic is that we have to take care of children’s health so the tobacco companies will have someone to kill when the children grow up.

So, in essence, Bush, mass murderer supreme, the great killer of Arabs and Muslims and people stupid enough to get entangled in the Texas legal system, now vows to bring his murderous ways to the children of America by making sure they don’t get health care, by making sure they get sick and can’t afford doctors and hospitals.

The man just loves to kill, and he’s bringing it on home to ordinary Americans so they can participate in his vision of a brave new world of Republicanism.

Does the country proud, doesn’t it?


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