Casino Wins, Citizens Sell Town, Pledge Allegiance

Only 3,722 of Middleborough’s 20,000 residents bothered to show up to vote on the casino proposal quickly hacked together by the town leaders and the Wampanoag Indians, both sides fuddled by greed for imagined gold.

The vote was about two to one in favor of selling out the town.

Oh, well. Better them than screwing over Cape Cod anymore than it already has been by developers and business interests.

But one of the really interesting parts came after the voters spent the morning listening to feel-good rock from James Taylor, the Eagles, and the Allman Brothers. From today’s Globe:

And then, when the clock struck 11,  town moderator James Thomas took the stage, banged his gavel, and instructed everyone to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Was that the Pledge to the Dollar, or the Pledge to the Flag?

What if someone, anyone, had objected to being ordered to take this public loyalty oath to god and country?

Was there not one free voice in that crowd? Was there no one who would stand up and say “No, I will not pledge loyalty to a god I do not believe in, nor to a piece of cloth that has been turned into a symbol of death, destruction, chaos, and oppression around the world.”

I guess not.

He probably would have been arrested and hauled off to a star chamber interrogation run by officials who understand nothing of what it means to be a real American.


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