Worm Of The Year: Gonzales

It’s hard to comment on the Attorney General and his latest bullcrap show before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s like watching slimy bugs and worms eating offal.

I think he and Bush must get together evenings to practice smirking.

Has there ever been such a collection of people so utterly lacking in integrity, in honesty, in respect for the law and the Constitution and the people of this country?

I watch this sleazy little man and I know I can never trust anyone in the justice or law enforcement system again. Not cops on the street. Not lawyers who have to deal with the system to survive. Not prosecutors on any level. Not Federal agents involved in investigations and enforcement.

That’s what Bush and his worm Gonzales have done.

If they had set out to deliberately destroy Constitutional government, to corrupt our representative republic beyond repair, they couldn’t have done a better job.

Watching Gonzales, I think it is not possible to come to any other conclusions than that what he has done is deliberate, and he has done it on the orders of his boss.

These two are blatant criminals, with Bush already having confessed to criminal acts. And the Congress sits on its hands and whines. And Republicans continue to put party, power, and broken ideology over flag and country.

Time is running out.

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