Conservatives Keep On Loving Actors, Liars, and Empty Suits

Scott Helman writes in the Globe today about the Conservative love affair with Freddy Thompson, former Senator, former silk suit lobbyist, boom-boom voiced TV actor, and empty suit.

“There’s a consensus developing around him that’s pretty clear and pretty profound,” said John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, an Orlando-based conservative group. “I’ve never seen anything like it in 25 years in politics.”

Trying to gin up the troops, John?

Conservatives just love to rally around actors. And it makes sense for them to do so. Conservative issues, principles, and programs are just so much hot air, devoid of reality and meaning, so if they can glom onto an actor who can fool the public into believing he can save them from whatever demons the Conservatives are pushing, they’ll do it. That’s the trick they used to pawn the Reagan disaster off on the country. Shameless hussies that they are, now they’ll try the same fraud again.

This time it’s Thompson. The guy not only has had nothing intelligent to say, but he’s lied about whoring for abortion rights back when he was a real lawyer. Now he’s just oh-so-anti-abortion and full of grace. I don’t mind a guy changing his view. I do mind a guy lying about it. We now know that he will likely lie about anything. His credibility is right around, oh, I dunno, zero.

And of course by hovering outside the current candidate circus, refusing to commit to getting into the race with the rest of the Republican suits, he keeps an air of mystery. And he keeps his undoubtedly high salary from working on Law and Order on TV. This guy has always been about money. Fine. I like money. But when he garaged his big Lincoln Continental and hid his silk lobbyist suits, trading all that in for bluejeans, a flannel shirt, and a used pickup truck so he could garner votes in Tennessee when he ran for the Senate – yeah, that’s lying.

Ah, but there is dissension in the ranks:

Not all conservative leaders have applauded Thompson. James Dobson, the leader of Focus on the Family, raised eyebrows this spring when he told US News & World Report, “I don’t think he’s a Christian: at least that’s my impression.”

In Dobson-speak, which is the language of a man who is so full of himself he thinks he’ll get to replace his god when he kicks off, Jimmy D is just saying, “Freddie didn’t get on his knees in front of me and beg.”

But a fellow from Ohio, Phil Burress, leader of a group called Citizens for Community Values, says it all about Conservatives:

“He (Thompson) looks like he’s the first candidate that’s come along that one, can raise money, two, that’s electable, and three, we’re pretty comfortable with … on most of the issues today.”

Yup. Liar. Hypocrite. Elitist. Empty suit. The kind of candidate every Conservative would just love to inflict on the rest of us. Again.


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  1. Looking at all the Republican and Democrats Presidential candidates almost all of them are fake except Dennis Kucinich. These candidates are the creation of media and their campaigns. The common voters do not have the intelligence to know that they are voting for someone who is nothing but media and campaigns created characters. The biggest liar and manipulator again will get elected.


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