All Praise The Mitten Romney, Another Republican Know-It-All

The AP reports on the Mitten attacking the Democratic front-runners today in the Globe:

“It would be helpful to have  person leading the country who understands how the economy works and has actually managed something,” the former governor said after a GOP fund-raiser. “In the case of the three Democratic front=-runners, not one of them has managed even a corner store, let alone a state or a city.”

I doubt that managing a corner store qualifies anyone for running a government, nor does running a venture capital outfit or a big department store. As for running a city or state, well, the Mitten pretty much sucked at running Massachusetts, when he bothered to be here. And his pal Rudy G ran the biggest city, and hell, he’s not qualified to run a Monopoly game.

But the Republicans have this ingrained idea that the United States should be run like a business. They easily forget that the country is not a business. It does not exist to make a profit, or to have all the messy loose ends of democracy neatly pigeonholed by the accounting department.

A legitimate government is a compact made among the people to provide for the common good and the common defense. We will always argue about what comprises the common good, but the best of us know that it includes all the people, all the time. The Republicans think it means including all the rich Republicans, all the time, and too bad for the rest of us.

American Republicans are unable to think beyond profit-and-loss statements and their personal bank accounts. The Mitten is a classic Republican elite. Ignorant. Contemptuous. Arrogant.

America doesn’t need him any more than it needs Bush and his cronies. We’ve had enough of these people.


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  1. Mitt Romney is excellent example of conservation religious nut who is a liar hypocrite man with no character like majority of politicians are.


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