Tony Blair Is Going To Save The Middle East. Really, He Is!

The Associated Press reports, from Lisbon:

Tony Blair waded headlong into the murky world of Middle East peacemaking yesterday, dismissing concerns that he would fail like so many before him and announcing that he would travel to the region.

[Blair] brushed aside suggestions that his limited mandate as special envoy to the international diplomatic Quartet – and the group’s refusal to deal with the hard-line Palestinian movement, Hamas – might hamstring his mission.

Good start, Tony. Ignore reality. Don’t deal with Hamas, which runs  Gaza.

If this guy had known anything about the Middle East he would never have committed British troops to George Bush’s harebrained invasion of Iraq.

What’s he going to do, use his ignorance and lies to charm the guys with the guns, like he did to his own people, who lacked either the guns or the smarts to get rid of him early on?

Nobody wants to deal with Hamas, which was democratically elected in a free and fair election to govern and speak for Palestine. Much easier to call them terrorists, and to let the Israelis continue to terrorize the Palestinians and act like Nazis, than it is to deal with realities.

Condoleezza Rice, reputed to be the American Secretary of State, said:

…”a good deal of good luck and optimism”: would be required to achieve peace.

People like her are one reason the United States is a laughing stock around the world, that is, when the world isn’t telling the Chief Sociopath how afraid they are of him and how wonderful he is. Rice is a joke, living in the same bubble of delusion and disconnect that her boss chooses to live in. Reality has no place in their universe.

It’s not about luck and optimism. Hope isn’t a plan. It’s about recognizing reality, it’s about not calling people names and demonizing them, it’s about doing the hard work and facing the real situations and people involved and working with all of them. Until the West gets its head out of the sands of Israel and starts dealing evenly with all sides, Palestine will continue to be a malignant, metastasizing cancer on the world’s politics.


3 Responses

  1. I’m just glad you’re writing still. That’s my only comment for now.


  2. You speak truth without fear. I suggested US must talk to Hamas and Hezbollah and got some interesting names “islamists”, “anti semitic”, Jew hater.

    Keep it up.


  3. It’s like what America has done for years. Publicly preach democracy creation but when democracy fails the interests of the corporate America, destroy said democracy and replace with right-wing dictators. One needs only look at practically any nation in South America to see this in practice.


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