Marks Mississippi Sucks Up To The Rich White Man

Jenn Abelson writes in the Globe today about John Edwards’ visit to Marks, Mississippi during his poverty tour.

The knee-deep potholes on Cotton Street were filled just hours before Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards arrived this week. Residents had waited years for them to be fixed in a city so overwhelmed by poverty it once moved the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to tears.

Think about that. Knee-deep potholes, unattended for years. Years, for chrissake. But all of a sudden, here comes the rich white politician, and the town finds the money and the time to fix the holes in the roads.

I’m not knocking Edwards. He probably didn’t have a clue about the matter. Why would he?

No, I’m looking at the government of this town, a town with enough poverty and problems to make MLK cry. But they can fix some potholes – find the money, find the time, find the workers – just to impress a politician. Or maybe keep themselves from feeling ashamed. It doesn’t matter. If they could do it for Edwards, they damn well could have done it for themselves long ago.

How much else could the people of Marks do for themselves, for their town? Why do they wait for an Edwards to come to town before they show some spine and concern and care for themselves? Maybe they need to kick out the local pols and get a new set of politicians and a new set of balls.


3 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to leave the potholes there? Nothing like an impoverished town to get the attention of a liberal Presidential candidate.

    Edwards probably just passed through and forgot about them the next day.


  2. Maybe if we had more money and jobs in our fine city it could be possible, alot of the people living here are disabled and they do not pay taxes and the taxes here now are going up every year anf there not taht many people here now to collect enuf money to keep up ever thing, it would be nice if we could have a couple of factorys the one thats here only employs 50 people, the small farmers no longer able to make it so theres just no jobs close..Even if you drve 20 miles any way everyda theres still not much work here. Also the food cost more here as well as gas and everything else..Tell me a small man, just like everyone else here what I should do. We try to get more jobs but it seems no factorys get closer to us than 20 miles away. Our people in office do the best they can with what they have. If your so smart show me the way..You can post a reply here. Thanks for your time..Al


  3. Stop waiting for other people to show you the way. It’s your town. You guys found the money and resources to repair the potholes only when a big time pol decided to come to town. Now what else can you do yourselves? And what are you doing to bring resources to your town? Who’s looking into that? You want a factory? What have you got that would entice a factory to locate in Marks? Seriously. Dig into that question. Start adding up your assets and stop bitching about your liabilities and deficits. Figure out what you’ve got to offer and then go out and find a business that’s interested in that.

    Maybe your town is dead if things are as bad as you say and everybody’s given up. And if that’s the case you need to come to terms with that and decide what to do as individuals. If the town’s dead and no one can make a living there, then it’s time to abandon Marks and move on.


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