The War The Media And The Bushites Don’t Want You To See

Here’s a view of what’s going on in Iraq. Video of IEDs at work. The video runs about six minutes, it’s in Arabic, and it’s not polite and not prettified for an American audience.

And you might consider that as long as the United States is in Iraq, this will never stop. And if we go into Iran, the same will happen.  

You should also note that whoever these people are, and the evidence is overwhelming that they are primarily Iraqis, they have an absolute right to attack and kill American troops and civilians in Iraq.

View the video here.


One Response

  1. War is ugly. These were all very powerful explosions.The people who are so in favor of this war sitting on their computers and posting messages instead of going to Afghanistan and Iraq should join the fight that is the only patriotic way for supporting US troops.

    Thank you Ric for you kind words and very nice comments on one of my post.


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