Pakistan And al Qaeda: More Bush Stupidity And Arrogance

Interesting post over at Qu’ran-Bible on the mess Bush and his friends are about to make in Pakistan.

Apparently the less respect and more ridicule he gets at home the more he wants to screw over the rest of the world. Which of course means that what he does over there will come back to haunt us for years – right now we’re into decades of haunting because of what the Psychopath in Chief has done.


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  1. Dear General Pervez Musharraf,

    The leader of a country is the one whom we could own, but in our country, it is the one “feared.” You tell the Americans to go for dialogue in Waziristan and Afghanistan but you kill your own mates within the country. You are under a “messiah” complex and are putting everything at stake. I, after years of opposition to the arguments of my friends have started to believe now that Pakistan may disintegrate under a General again. Even further, the Americans are pushing us towards internal conflicts, towards civil war. They propagate dialog in their own country but provide more arms to the Pakistan Army to kill their own countrymen.

    Additionally, the feeling I get when I enter any cantonment area in Pakistan makes me think that the civilians live in a different world. Yes, Mr. President (through a fake referendum!), flowers abound in the garrison areas, children play squash, tennis, swim in swimming pools, get educated in best schools and colleges, have clean environment and get best hospital treatment but the civilian-poor swim in rain water, play hide and seek with arms around them and fight with unemployment, costly education, zero health, no legal protection and negative law and order scenarios.

    You have created an even bigger divide among Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan. Zia started it but now it is touching heights! We as children used to come out of our homes and salute any green army vehicle passing by. Now, we fear and keep our children away from the defenders of the nation.

    There is much more Mr. President but you need open eyes and ears, open heart and most of all, good aides to tell you the truth. You have been surrounded by incompetent and corrupt people from all sides (by the way, it was your choice in the first place to involve NAB and then get these crooks with you); accompanied with your stubbornness, this makes things worse for Pakistan. The losers are us, the common people of Pakistan; the winners – God knows!


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