Boston, Why Aren’t You Celebrating The Big Dig? So What If Somebody Died.

There’s a letter on the Globe editorial page today which utterly misses the point about the tunnel ceiling collapse that killed a woman last year.

The writer writes:

I know of no project of this magnitude and complexity that escaped serious troubles along the way. Both the Apollo mission to the moon and the space shuttle had flaws that caused the death of astronauts. When developing new airplanes, test pilots die as a result of design failures.

The Big Dig has cost more than its initial estimate, although the “blue sky” estimate…was $10 billion, not far off the mark.

He goes on to say there should be a tribute to the designers and builders, and “instead of editorial complaints, a celebratory article would be an interesting corrective” to a Globe editorial that criticized the Big Dig.

Let’s see, where to start? How about with the fact that astronauts know the risks they take and they do so willingly. The same with test pilots.

Nobody told the woman who was crushed to death that the designers and builders valued their profits more than her life. Nobody told her that when the State and its corporate friends said the tunnels were safe and ready to use that they either didn’t know what they were talking about, or they were lying. Nobody asked her if she was willing to risk her life to get to the airport.

And missing a cost estimate by five billion dollars is “not far off the mark.” It’s way the hell off the mark.

“Celebratory article”? I don’t think so. I think the writer needs to get out in the world and see how greed, incompetence, and corruption kill innocent people.

And oh, yeah, given the amount of flooding in these tunnels, you might want to think twice about driving through them. Unless you like celebrating while you drown.


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