Specific, Credible Threat Against America

An Associated Press story on the London car bombs noted:

White House press secretary Tony Snow said: “There is no specific or credible evidence of any threat of any kind against the United States of America.”

And once again Mr. Snow is a) lying b) misinformed c) both.

The major specific and credible threat against the United States today comprises the criminally sociopathic George W. Bush, his staff, his neocon supporters, his Justice Department (it is certainly no longer ours) and the Supreme Court he built.

Go, Tony, go! We just love that deep, measured voice you use to dispense the administration’s ignorance, arrogance, hypocrisy, and lies, and utter lack of rational awareness of what they’re really doing, of what results their actions cause in the real world. Damn, I think we should all chip in and buy Tony Snow a cheerleader’s costume that he can wear to his press gatherings.

One Response

  1. lol america is a grumpy wookie, if you make it mad it will pull your arms out of the sockets,

    imagine if a small poorer country spent all there money on a satalite that helps them with phone reception, they launch in and it goes into wrong orbit and crashes into an American satalite we would be so pissed at them even though we have hundreds up there, we would go overthere and yell at them and put sanctions on them lol


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