Consumer Confidence? Does Anybody Know What’s Going On?

I was just reading a story on consumer confidence in the Globe’s business section. It says confidence in the economy is down, and tosses some statistics around.

Tomorrow we’ll find a story that says the economy is in good shape, and that story will toss around some statistics, too. And another story somewhere will say something else.

Read enough of these and you can get the distinct impression that no one actually knows what the economy is doing. Which means any predictions are based on large piles of pig crap and smell just as bad.

What we can be sure of is that as long as Bush and the Republicans are in charge, the only people who will benefit will be the rich people and the people with connections into the heart of the Bush criminal enterprise… oh, sorry… the Bush presidency. Everybody else gets screwed, and so do everyone else’s children and grandchildren.

Keep your money close, people. If it’s in the ‘market’ it’s in the wind.

One Response

  1. I moved mine into a fixed account. I read an article today that Bill and Hillary (seriously) had eliminated a blind trust and moved everything into cash. The article stated it was to put a wall between Mrs. Clinton, her investments and the Presidential run. However, the author seemed to think their actions were more a sign of things to come in our U.S. economy, not just an effect of the run for President.


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