Women’s College World Series! Real Baseball…

I watched several games of the Women’s College World Series over the weekend. They’re playing softball. Seventy mile an hour softball. You wouldn’t want to get hit with one of those pitches.

It was a hell of a lot more fun to watch than the macho, commercial laden crap that’s put out by Major League Baseball. It hearkens back to the days when baseball was more of an intimate sport, when it mattered who the players were because they weren’t different from the rest of us, when stadiums were small enough that everybody could see the game.

The games had excitement, emotion, skill, and if it can be said, personality. We didn’t have to hear about which player was cheating on his wife, or who was sulkily holding out for more millions, or any of the rest of the crap in the big leagues.

This was girls playing baseball, damned good baseball. It was fun and exciting. And the players are a hell of a lot better looking than than the guys in the big leagues.

The finals start tonight, Tennessee against Arizona. I’m going with the Arizona girls… women. Tough bunch. I was kinda rooting for Northwestern because their catcher is just the cutest thing. Wouldn’t want to get in fight with her though.

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