Republican Fantasy World

So in last night’s debates we have John McCain saying that the 2006 elections had nothing to do with Iraq, but with the Republicans not following their ‘principles’. He paints a picture of good, clean Republicans going to Washington to fix the mess and getting corrupted by evil Washington. Yeah, right. Sorry, Johnny boy, but the Republicans have been in power in D.C. since 1994. Nobody forced them to break laws, take bribes, solicit bribes, play sex games with interns, or go to war. You folks did that all on your own.

And then there’s Giuliani. When Rep. Paul noted, quite accurately, that American policies in the Mideast bore some responsbility for the events of September 11, 2001, America’s Fantasyland Mayor denied it. C’mon, really, do we want another Republican idiot president who refuses to live in the real world and make decisions based on real facts, real evidence, real events?

One thing can be said of the Republicans for sure – they don’t believe their actions have real world consequences requiring real responsibility. They’re a sick bunch.


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