Romney’s Imagination

On a 60 Minutes interview yesterday Mitt Romney said “And I must admit, I can’t imagine anything more awful than polygamy.” Given the times we live in, the events of the past few years, Romney’s failure of imagination renders him unfit for any office other than town street sweeper. I suppose we’re not supposed to notice that he apparently doesn’t find his religion’s long-term bigotry against blacks to be awful. (Yes, I know, they ‘fixed’ that.) The man is as utterly and viscerally repulsive as Reagan or the boy king Bush. Empty suit, hollow brain, dead heart. Just what the country needs – another packaged and prettified rich Republican who will do absolutely anything to get into power, and who has no clue about the ramifications of power (count the bodies here and abroad).

One Response

  1. I didn’t like the jerk as a governor. I certainly don’t want him as President.


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