Stephanie Miller is Wow!

Been watching Stephanie Miller on MSNBC in the morning the last three days. She’s a lot prettier than Imus, and I daresay smarter, and definitely funnier. Too bad she’s only there for the three days.

Guess who they’re replacing her with?

Tucker Carlson, professional dweeb, a guy who never got past adolescence, like so many on the right. All mouth, not much brain. Him and Chris Matthews, when they’re on I’m constantly telling them to shut up and let their guest talk. Which is why I pretty much don’t watch either of them anymore.

But Stephanie Miller, complete with sweat stains, bangs, and fart jokes, she still stands gorgeous head and shoulders above either of those guys. Bring her back, MSNBC! Do the right thing!

(Okay, so I like a pretty woman, so sue me! She’s smart and funny too. And of course I like her politics.)


One Response

  1. You’re right. I’ve seen Stephanie Miller. She’s funny without being gross and her politics are right on. And, even as a woman, I admit she’s attractive. Also, agree with your comment about Tucker. He’s a twelve year old! Yuck!!


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