Virginia Tech Shock and Awe

I’m surprised that anyone is surprised at the Virginia Tech shootings. Any minute now the NRA will step out and tell us again that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I’ll bet those dead and wounded would have much rather the killer had a knife or two instead of the NRA’s favorite little orgasm inducer.

We live in a culture of violence and degradation. We worship at the altars of violent TV and gutter hip-hop. Our Christian pastors tell of the horrible sins of this, that and the other, and the punishments their little god will dish out. Our government is blatantly and unapologetically corrupt and a promulgator of violence throughout the world. Violence is the solution to problems. That’s what American culture tells us, from the old West gunfighter to the pathetically inadequate neocons to the disgusting little men in the White House.

We’re numb to the deaths in Iraq, to the coming slaughter in Iran, to the corruption in the central legal apparatus of government, to the poverty and hunger among us. What’s a few dozen college students? We’ve seen it before. We’ll see it again. We won’t learn from it. It’s a news blip that leads because it bleeds, an excuse-op for a pathetic President to try to look Presidential while blood drips from his hands, a sigh of relief for our Attorney General and his managers because fewer people will be paying attention to his lies in Congress this week, a prize for the prettygirl and prettyboy TV news blitherers because they can talk for a couple of weeks and not have to do any thinking, researching, or anything intelligent, just shoot their mouths off, mouth platitudes, express shock, and numb us some more with their ceaseless, stupid noise.

We are all caught in a crossfire of our own making. To be surprised when some poor bastard who can’t handle his life anymore decides to live out our pathetic myths about ourselves is to be blind, ignorant, and fooled once again by our belief that we are a rational, reasonable, reasoning society.


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