Global Climate Armageddon

New reports come out every week, it seems, about the havoc that climate change will wreak on civilization. The latest, written about in the NY Times today, from a government-financed group of generals and admirals, the Center for Naval Analyses, notes that climate change poses a major security threat to the United States. It’s another in a long line of reports telling the administration, and the people, that there are a hell of a lot more advantages to dealing with the problem now, and aggressively, than in doing the nothing that the Administration is utterly intent on doing.

The problem is that the disgusting little man in the White House and his Bible-toting cohorts are actually looking forward to the end of civilization, and of course to making as much money off it as they possibly can. I’m thinking they want the money to either buy a lot of air-conditioning, or to bribe the gatekeepers of heaven to look the other way when they get there, because otherwise they’ll all be spending eternity in a well-deserved spot in a very much hotter place. (That’s their theology. I don’t believe in that nonsense. I say jail these psychotics in Abu Ghraib now.)

Until we throw Bush and the Conservatives on the ash heaps of history, nothing will be done about climate change. Not in America. Not by the Federal Government. Not by the Republicans and the Conservatives. Bush and his pals are in love with Death, and they won’t be happy until they bring it down on all of us.

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