Imus, Oh Imus!

I noticed in today’s MSNBC story on the Imus racial slur that they left out that producer Bernard McGurk, who shares Imus’ racist proclivity, called the women ‘jigaboos’. Maybe these two should just pull out their Klan costumes and wear them on air. They’ve certainly encouraged all the Kreepy Krawling Klanners out there, along with the Kloset Klanners.

And there’s this from the MSNBC promos: “He can be grouchy and mean. He says exactly what he feels and means what he says… no matter who he pisses off!” That’s from an April 2 promo. So, gee whiz, I guess he really meant it about those Rutgers women.

Imus should be fired. He hasn’t the grace or wit to step down voluntarily. If he were a lesser radio personality he’d be through. But money talks, and he makes money for the broadcast stations. So it must be okay to call people ‘nappy headed hos’ and ‘jigaboos’ if you’ve got enough star power and money. Of course, if he’s gone that far, he might as well reveal the depth of his mind and call some blacks ‘niggers’ on the air. Not that much difference, is there?

All his apologies can’t put the emperor’s clothes back on, can’t put the jigaboo back in the closet.

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