Nike Boomerang Thingie Soul Sellout

     Am I the only one who’s tired of seeing that stupid Nike boomerang thingie on everything and everyone who has anything to do with sports?
     The message I get is that anyone who wears it has been bought by Nike and has agreed to act as a billboard for the company. And pays for the privilege.
     Like people who buy clothing with the manufacturer or designers name emblazoned for all the world to read. “Oh, look at me, I have a Tommy Hilfiger shirt on, see, see?” Hold that thought – you’re paying them to use you as an ad for their product. Where’s your cut of the profits?
     That’s doubly pathetic. You have to show off some rich man’s name on your shirt to prove your own worth, and pay him for the privilege of being his ad. He has to show off his name on everything he makes to get more sales because… why? Maybe the product is not very good to begin with, or not any better than the other stuff out there, but he knows people are stupid enough to pay him extra money so they can wear his name. Or is that triply pathetic? I lose count.
     What, I meet you and you’re wearing this name and I’m supposed to think that you’re a superior being in some mystical way? How about instead I think you’re an idiot? That’s closer to reality.
     What’s the future? Are we all going to look like those fool NASCAR drivers, plastered head to toe with corporate logos to prove how manly and successful we are? (And how successful are you if the only thing you can do in life is drive a car around a circle for hours at a time? That’s really helpful in today’s world, isn’t it? No wonder most of those NASCARites are Republicans.)
     Everything is for sale now.
     Hear the cry of the soulmonger crying out from the depths of the corporations:
     “New souls for old, new souls for old.”
     You wear it, you’ve surrendered, they own you.

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