Answer me this…

Why do old men like to wear white shoes?

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14 Responses

  1. Drop the can of white spray paint and back away from the shoe closet, Ric! The feeling will pass….

  2. Matches their hair!

  3. Ah! Hadn’t thought of that. I suppose it does bring some balance into the universe, eh?

  4. I do not know, but, the thought might generate from the same area of the brain, that tells them wearing dark color socks with shorts is a good idea…

  5. :D

  6. so that they can remember where their feet are

  7. That’s got to be it, John. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the problem of remembering where I left my white shoes. Or my black ones. Or the cute blue ones.

  8. But I like my white shoes. They make me feel almost grown up. They’re such a style change from my old black hightop Keds.

  9. pass :-D

  10. pass

  11. Pffft.

  12. For the same reason they wear those wide white belts. (Hi Ric)

  13. Ah! That’s what’s missing from my wardrobe.

  14. Hey Mo! Long time.

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