Chris Matthews: Al Qaeda in South America

Just a few minutes ago one of the worst interviewers on television news, Chris Matthews, on his ‘Hardball’ show, stated “Al Qaeda is all over South America.”

No attribution.

No facts.

No evidence.

No context. He was talking about the war in Iraq with Senator Webb.

No follow-up.

Just Motor Mouth Matthews either being really stupid, or attempting to fan flames. Or sending up a Republican trial balloon.

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One Response

  1. Al Qaeda is used by Bush regime for fear mongering. Osama Bin Laden must be very happy tor getting so much of free publicity which is resulting in his growing popularity among the masses in Muslim countries.

    The real problem is that Democrats and Republican politicians are not very different who are using terrorism and Al Qaeda to get elected. I really don’t see any major policy change with new administration.

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